• Restored atrium at the Beekman Hotel.

  • Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design Center, McKibbin Street, East Williamsburg

  • 36 old-law tenements restored for public and affordable housing at Randolph Houses.

  • The newly-restored Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.

Since 1984, Higgins Quasebarth & Partners LLC has advised private, corporate, government and institutional clients in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties.  The firm approaches every project with the view that historic buildings have a unique identity as complex physical objects, and containers for ideas.  This insight is the basis for the firm’s recognized ability to integrate and articulate every project’s specific combination of technical, esthetic, intellectual and government review issues.

In one firm, HQ brings together the expertise of historic preservationists, architectural historians and architectural conservators. This broad combination of backgrounds allows HQ to provide clients with procedural guidance and technical preservation services in all facets of historic preservation, from planning and approvals through execution.  The firm’s skills in assessing both historic building fabric and documentary evidence help deepen a development team’s understanding of the meaning and context of existing historic structures, and strengthen their practical grasp of the construction sequence, condition and relative significance of component parts.